Software upgrade due for release mid summer.

Tricopter Mix is in Beta!
The much anticipated tri-copter mix is now in test!

The next upgrade will allow users to drag and drop mixing types or parameters to specific inputs and outputs. This will provide maximum flexibility to the hobbyist, making the mixing capabilities nearly limitless.
The value-add of this upgrade can be realized by current Micro Mini Mix customers!
Updates as to the status of the upgrade and its avialability will be posted here as well as

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Mini Mix Available for Sale in the US

The Mini Mix is available for retail sale now!

How much does it cost? $79.95 USD.
Will you support the product and its users?
Support will be handled primarily via email.

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The MiniMix Programmable Mixer

The MiniMix is a powerful, user programmable, four channel mixer which combines features found in several single function mixers and expensive computer radios into a single reasonably priced unit.

The MiniMix can be utilized in the following industries or hobby sectors:
1. Robotics
2. RC / Autonomous Aircraft – Fixed Wing and Rotor Wing
3. RC / Autonomous Aircraft – Exotic – VTOL UAV, MAV
4. RC Marine
5. RC Submarine
6. RC Terrestrial – Wheeled and Tracked Vehicles
Other – Possible full scale applications in all the above categories.

MiniMix Capabilities
Selectable Mixes:
1. QuadRotor Mix
2. Y Mix
3. Reversed Y Mix
4. AltQuad mix - Mix for 2 motor front and rear configuration, similar the "Sky Car".
5. Scale Gear Mix - Servo speed reduction for gear, flaps, dive brakes, gun turret, etc.
6. 1 to 4 Mix - duplicates single input to 4 outputs
7. Flapperon Mix
8. Vtail Mix
9. Diff Throttle - Mix for vehicles utilizing differental throttle for control i.e. small aircraft, tanks, etc.

• The MiniMix provides a single interface for the user to select and tune mixing parameters. Similar tuning and adjustment in the current RC market requires proficiencies in the individual mixer(s) utilized in addition to the understanding of complex settings associated with the higher end radios required for such functionality.
• The current method hobbyists or experimenters must use to achieve similar functionality to that offered by the MiniMix would require four individual mixers (ranging in price from $15-$30 each) and have, or purchase an expensive ($295-$1400) computer radio.

Ease of Use

• The MiniMix utilizes a menu driven interface allowing the user to select and customize each mix type. This interface is much less complex that the individual setups associated with individual mixers and radio/receiver configuration parameters. It also is also possible to have two separate mixes running at one time, an additional differentiator in the industry.
• The MiniMix 2.0 is internal iteration 4.0
• The MiniMix has been in use internally for over two years
MiniMix owners (and those considering the Mini) will be provided access to an on-line User Manual which will be updated as necessary. Please send a request to, be sure to include "User Manual" in the subject line.
See side pannel and below for menu screen shots, stills and video of the MiniMix in use.